"primrose path" lyrics


Come with me

Follow me

Give me your hand

Show me your dreams

Tell me your secrets

Is it all as it seems


Do you scream

When it hurts

Don you run

When you are scared

Do you hide

From what's haunting you

Burdened in despair


Rest your eyes

Don't be afraid

Let me guide you

Through your masquerade

Don't mistake me

There's no escaping

It's your misery

That is plaguing


You are sorry

Because you suffer

You are sad

Because it won't change

You're asleep when you're awake

Lifeless and deranged


Don't let the silence break you

Only let it take you

It won't forsake you

It will only make you


And in the end

When it all comes crashing down

There'll be nothing but pieces

of the sorrows that you've drowned


Luring each victim

One by one

Without coming undone

Draining your every breath

Suffocated by regret

...and when it all goes crashing down